What is it ?

Youth volunteers who help the Tamil Sangam Executive Committee with programs and activities, gaining leadership experience in the process.

Why Join?

This is a volunteering and learning opportunity, where students learn organization, management and leadership skills. They will earn volunteering hours for school and a yearly certificate that would recognize their participation. Being part of the Tamil Sangam Youth Committee will be a great addition to the resume application, and application essay for college bound seniors.

Who can Join?

  • You must be an Indiana based Tamil Community student from ages 15 - 21. We welcome junior members (ages 12-14) to volunteer at the events and appreciate their willingness to help as well.
  • You must commit to volunteering on the date of 3 out of the 4 of the Tamil Sangam organized programs. 
  • Must attend 4 preparatory meetings for event planning.
  • Your family must have some level of membership at the TSCI
    • Premium Membership
    • Triple Membership
    • Couple Membership
    • Individual Membership
  • All the above mentioned requirements must be met to earn certificate at the end of the year.
  • Expectations for Youth Committee Members do not apply to Junior members.
  •  Interested individuals must complete the online application with consent from their Parent(s).

Youth Committee – 2016