Exams & Grading Pattern

  • School days will be divided equally into 3 semesters (approximately 7 classes).
  •  At the end of a semester, exam will be given to the students; Exam includes Written and/or Oral test.

Grading Criteria .

  • Home Work: 30 points total (10 points/semester).
  • Exam: 70 points in total.
  • 15 points for Semester-1 Exam (will be conducted tentatively on the 7th school day).
  • 15 points for Semester-2 Exam (will be conducted tentatively on the 14th school day).
  • 40 points for Final Cumulative exam ( Final school day).
  • Bonus : 10 points for attendance (0.5 for each class up to 20 classes).
  • A minimum score of 65% mark (homework + Exam + Attendance)
  •  70% attendance is required to promote to the next level/Nilai.

Attendance & Homework

  • A minimum attendance of 70% (approximately 17 out of 22 classes) is mandatory for promotion.
  • Students with 100% attendance will be recognized on our annual Awards Day.
  • Parents should notify the school in advance if their child will be absent for the class. Please send email to both Tamil School email - tamilkalvi@gmail.com AND to the respective class teachers.
  • Homework submission earns point towards the final score. So make sure homework is completed and submitted on time. Late submission will not earn full points.
  • Students can submit their homework through others even if they are absent to the class.
  • Students are expected to be in the class, at least 5 minutes before class start time.